The GOLF Brand

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We educate, inspire and engage active, influential and avid golfers who want to improve every aspect of their lives as golfers. Through an increased emphasis on service and lifestyle we’ve become the most widely viewed brand in golf.

Who Do We Reach

7M+ Monthly Unique Visitors (+1.1M YoY)
29% Higher Time Spent Reading than Golf Digest
+15% Total Site Engagement YoY

GOLF Magazine

1.2M Ratebase (reaching 3+ readers per copy)
#1 Readership in Golf
86% Recommend to Friends

The GOLF Brand

GOLF will continue to be the most visited and trusted site in the industry while gaining more loyal readers and expanding its audience even further. We are building off the success that has made our brand the go-to print and digital destination for everything golf — inspiring professional coverage – expert instructional coverage – where to play and what to wear —  and everything golfers love — whiskey, food, airline points and more…

Our editorial team is compiled of some of the most talented and trusted sources in golf, helping lead the GOLF brand to the largest voice in the industry.


Howard Milstein

Chief Executive Officer:
Jason Adel

Chief Operating Officer:
Rob DeChiaro

David DeNunzio

Executive Editor:
Alan Bastable

Managing Editor
Joshua Berhow

Senior Writer:
Dylan Dethier 

Senior Writer:
Sean Zak

Senior Editor:
Nick Piastowski

Senior Editor, Equipment:
Ryan Barath

Senior Editor, Game Improvement:
Nick Dimengo

Managing Producer:
Kevin Cunningham

Multimedia Editor:
Jessica Marksbury

Assistant Editor:
James Colgan

Assistant Editor:
Zephyr Melton

Assistant Editor:
Jack Hirsh

Vice President, Programming:
Tim Reilly

Senior Manager, Social Media:
Claire Rogers

Social Manager, Multimedia:
Darren Riehl

Senior Manager, Video:
Connor Federico

Video Production:
Mark Hannan, Emma Devine, Sarah-Mia Drennen, Tiffani Lynch, John Sodaro


Executive Editor:
John McAlley

Managing Editor:
John Ledesma

Managing Editor, Equipment:
Jonathan Wall

Senior Writers:
Michael Bamberger, Josh Sens

Architecture Editor:
Ran Morrissett

Contributing Writers:
Michael Corcoran, Evan Rothman

Contributing Production Editor:
Aimee E. Bartol

Analytics Editor:
Mark Broadie

Contributing Copy Editor:
Margaret May

Contributing Instructors:
Top 100 Teachers in America

8AM Golf

Howard Milstein

Justin Timberlake

Hoyt McGarity

Chief Strategy Officer:
Trey Marucci

Head of Video:
Dino Markus

Finance, Investments:
James Ridout

Head of Investor Relations:
Charlie Grace

Jeff Fujimoto, Anthony Gerard, Kellie Stenzel

We strive to reach every golfer and fan of the game, leaning into major headlines from the biggest stages in golf, expert instructional content, travel content that inspires adventure and much more.

Audience Snapshot

70% Men
149 Index HHI $100K+
147 Index Executive/Management
220 Index Play Golf – The Go-To-Destination in Golf

With a core and ever-growing audience of highly engaged golfers and fans, has never reached a larger and more qualified audience. GOLF is continuing to develop new audiences across our platforms, reaching millions of avid golfers and fans of the game across GOLF’s many channels.

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Our goal in every issue is to celebrate the attraction, vibrancy, history and never-ending possibilities of this joyous game. We are a premium experience that, first and foremost, caters to our readers’ passions.

David Denunzio

Audience Snapshot

GOLF Magazine

75% Men
142 Index HHI $100K+
209 Index Executive/Management
453 Index Play Golf

GOLF Magazine – Premium Print

In an era where few print publications are growing, let alone being invested in, GOLF Magazine stands in a league of its own. Howard Milstein’s significant investment in GOLF Magazine has paid off for both readers and advertising partners.

The tangible upgrades to GOLF Magazine have positively impacted the performance of advertising — especially compared to the rest of the magazine landscape.

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Customer Service

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Call: 800-876-7726
Write to: GOLF MAGAZINE at PO Box 3200, Harlan, IA 51593-0046